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Audio Visual dash board

Audio Visual

Music To Your Ears

Have the ability to play music in your camper the way it was supposed to be played. Hear the different frequencies in your favourite songs without them being distorted or drowned out by road noise. Put a smile on your face every time you get into your vehicle.

Upgrade the sound system in your vehicle to make it an incredible listening environment. Get the sound quality and clarity you and your camper deserve.

We can improve the sound in your vehicle by adding speakers such as Hertz, Audison, Rainbow and JL. These speakers can be added to your existing system; from the standard manufacturer’s head unit to audio controllers and amplifiers.

A full audio system is the way to go for people who like their music. This would include replacing the front head unit and including amplifiers and sub woofers if desired. We would fully design the whole setup with you to meet your needs.

Come and have a listen to our demo campervan to see just what you’re missing...


Door panels with front speakers

Front Speakers

Whenever we replace the front speakers we fully sound deaden all 3 layers of your front doors.  This enables you to hear a much better sound quality by reducing driving vibrations and road noise.


We only use the best quality parts available and love a good audio install. We believe listening to music is good for the soul, which is why we want your van to sound incredible. 

Subwoofer enclosure 8 inch all-in-one solution carpetted raw finish campervan conversion

Subwoofer & Amplifiers

Here at T-Spoke, we love designing new things! We created this 8-Inch subwoofer enclosure. An all-in-one solution, which fits perfectly under a single passenger seat. It allows all OEM electrics to remain concealed in the seat box with an Audison Amplifier mounted on the front and we've kept the 8-litre volume to perfectly match most 8-inch sub requirements! Pretty cool!

Rear speaker in silver carpet volkswagen campervan conversion

Rear Speakers

We have designed our own angled speaker pod that allows us to mount 165mm (6.5”) speakers in the back of your vehicle. This compact solution maximises space and allows speakers to be installed on any flat surface.

Our pods are also available to buy from our shop if you would like to do your own installation. The T-Spoke speaker pods kits are available either pre-carpeted or the carpet can be provided separately for you to attach.

Reversing Camera

Do you find reversing stressful? 


Want to make parking your campervan easier?


T-Spoke can fit reversing cameras to your campervan to help improve your driving experience.

Reversing camera on Volkswagen transporter


Phantom & AMI now MOVING INTELLIGENCE have 20 Years of UK tracking excellence. iTrack is an effective, affordable Thatcham S5 vehicle tracking system and one of their leading products. We work closely with Moving Intelligence as an accredited installer, so you can rest assured your system is professional fitted. Specially designed with you and your vehicle's security in mind, the iTrack wired-in unit pushes towing, low battery, and motion detection notifications straight to your phone. With the easy-to-use app, you can even immobilise your campervan in just a few clicks. 

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