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Solar panel on a pop-top roof

Solar & Awnings

All About Sunshine

Maximise sunny days with our awnings and solar panels.

Choose from integrated or detachable awnings, complemented by a range of extra accessories like lights and privacy screens, to craft a practical and serene additional space.

Say goodbye to battery anxiety with solar panels. No more fretting about a dead ignition, hunting for pitches with electric hook-ups, or spending days pre-trip monitoring chargers.



Campervan awnings, sun canopies, or drive-away awnings offer additional space and shelter, enhancing your campervan experience.

To choose the right option, think about how you'll use it and the desired appearance. Decide whether a fixed awning box or an awning rail with a detachable canopy suits your needs best.

Black Fiamma F45s awning

Fiamma F45s

The Fiamma F45s awning stands out as a top choice in the campervan community due to its user-friendly design, high-quality construction, and extensive range of accessories. Available in three different casing finishes, this box awning can be easily mounted on vans with or without an elevating roof. Setting it up is a breeze, requiring just one person to extend it within seconds. With secure telescopic legs and reinforced articulated arms, it offers exceptional strength and reliability for regular use.

Setting it apart from other awnings on the market is its silent Auto-lock self-locking winch safety system, ensuring superior safety and convenience. The multi-layered canopy fabric is not only washable and ultra-resistant but also flame retardant and patterned on both sides. Its light-reflective properties provide cooling in warm climates while resisting UV fading. Thanks to its seamless construction, it boasts increased performance and tear resistance in sudden winds.

Optional accessories include handy awning hangers, rain guards and drip stop, integrated LED Lighting and a motor kit, as well as privacy rooms and side panels, providing further customisation options for users.

Reimo Multi Rail

The Reimo Multi Rail stands out as a top choice for its versatility and superior quality in the multifunctional rail market. Whether you're in need of a sun canopy or a free-standing drive-away awning, this rail has you covered.

Functioning as a rain gutter for awnings or roof racks, it effectively shields you from rainwater runoff when side windows and doors are open. Its spoiler profile shape ensures water is drained away efficiently, tailored to the contours of your vehicle for optimal performance.

Attaching an awning is a breeze, whether using a clamping rod or pull-in piping, providing a comfortable canopy for relaxation or easy retraction when it's time to hit the road. Additionally, when combined with roof racks, it enables the transportation of bulky items such as kayaks, bikes, and surfboards.

Crafted from durable aluminium and pre-drilled for convenience, this rail can support roof loads of up to 100kg while maintaining a sleek profile that sits neatly on the side of your van without protrusion. Its compatibility with elevating roofs adds to its appeal, offering versatility for various vehicle configurations.

Reimo multi rail on a Volkswagen T6 side elevation
Vamoose Combi-rail installed on a Ford Transit Custom

Vamoose Combi-Rail

With over two decades of expertise, our commitment to exceptional design shines through in every product we offer, and the Vamoose Combi-Rail is no exception. Specifically crafted for freestanding awnings, it ensures a secure and reliable attachment to your campervan.

Engineered with precision, this rail effectively diverts rainwater away from door sides, thanks to its extruded aluminum profile and molded windscreen finial. Whether your campervan has an elevating roof or not, the Vamoose Combi-Rail is compatible, addressing challenges such as the sliding side door issue in newer models like the Ford Custom.

Featuring a durable powder-coated textured finish, this rail is not only visually appealing but also fully adjustable, offering versatility in installation. With its high-quality construction and affordability, the Vamoose Combi-Rail presents an excellent alternative to the Reimo Multi-rail, ensuring you get premium functionality without compromising your budget.

Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels for your van is highly recommended, as they provide a sustainable and free power source to keep your batteries charged and ready. With various upgrade options available, assess your power needs to choose the right system for your campervan lifestyle.

Our 120W and 150W semi-flexible premium solar panel systems are bonded to the roof with ETFE coating, ensuring top-notch performance and design. These panels are lightweight and low-profile, making them perfect for elevating roofs. The PV Logic flexi-panels are durable, with a 7-layer construction for extra resilience. The anti-shading diode box extends the panel's lifespan and enhances efficiency by preventing heat build-up and hot spots. The underside cabling and rear exit electrics provide a watertight seal, making the panel completely waterproof and flush with your roof.

Additionally, our panels come with a 20-year cell output warranty and a 2-year product warranty, and they have been tested for saltwater and UV resistance. For more details on optional upgrades, please contact us.

Solar Panels
Double 120w solar panels on an elevating roof
150w solar panel installed on a campervan elevating pop top roof
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