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Isofix RIB seats

Seating & Beds

Home Comforts

RIB Altair beds stand out as one of the most sought-after seating systems in today's campervans. Renowned for their superior safety standards, exceptional quality, and durability, these beds are manufactured by SCOPEMA in France. Each bed undergoes rigorous crash testing and holds TÜV approval, ensuring your peace of mind.

With RIBs, converting from a seated position to a comfortable bed takes just seconds. Additionally, they offer secure storage space for luggage at the rear. Available in various sizes—112cm, 129cm, and 150cm—RIBs cater to different family sizes or conversion preferences.

We also provide RIB rail systems, enhancing the versatility of your camper and its usability.

Looking to enhance your camper's functionality? Installing a seat swivel base for your front seats can create a sense of spaciousness. Available in single or double options, seat swivels can be fitted for the passenger, driver, or both seats.

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