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Blinds installed inside splashback

Windows, Curtains & Blinds

The Finishing Touch

Security and privacy are always a priority, so we offer a range of tinted windows to let you enjoy the views without any unwanted intrusions. We can also fit dummy windows to create a more symmetrical look from the outside of your van - perfect behind a furniture pod.

Make your van a real home from home with curtains and blinds in a range of colours and styles. Blackout materials help ensure a great night's sleep, and many of our window coverings also further improve the insulation capacity of your van.

Sliding window open


Our tinted glass allows you to see out, but helps prevent people outside from seeing in.  This 80% privacy tinting provides added security and peace of mind for your van.

There are four main options to choose from:

1. Fixed Window – this non-opening window is perfect for adding visibility when driving or to see the landscape when you wake up in the morning.

2. Slider Window – this has a classic original opening mechanism and is great for ventilation, especially when cooking, with the added option of a fly screen.

3. Flush Window - this is similar to the VW Kombi window and has gorgeous sleek lines on the outside with a smooth opening action.

4. Dummy Window – this blank/fake window looks like a window from the outside, but your wardrobe and furniture will be on the inside.  This driver rear quarter window produces lovely symmetrical aesthetics for campervans that opt for a passenger rear quarter window.

Window Coverings


Completely black out your campervan with our perfectly fitted premium curtains. 

These are fitted with tie-backs which are attached to the edge of the window aperture maximising visibility and aesthetics. 


For a truly stylish finish, why not add a splash of colour with our cellular thermal blinds and splashbacks.


These blackout blinds provide thermal insulation and are available in 30 different finishes or customise your own splashback with your own choice of artwork.

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