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Volkswagen T6 with elevating roof pop top

Elevating Roofs

Head Space Guaranteed

An elevating roof is the ultimate enhancement to a camper. It will maximise the space inside your van and provide some much appreciated head room. With the addition of an elevating roof bed, you can multiple the sleeping capacity or create a cosy platform for night time stargazing! Our in-house fitment is subject to the same rigorous standards as the manufacturing process.

We aim to offer as much choice to customers as possible. That’s why we offer UK manufactured roof systems such as Austops and Skyline, as well as German produced Reimo and SCA.

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Austops, a UK-based company specialising in elevating roofs, is renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability. As an approved fitter, we've been installing Austops roofs in customers' vans for years, consistently experiencing their solid quality and reliability.

Austops is dedicated to continuous improvement, evolving their roofs into the exceptional products they are today. As the leading UK manufacturer of elevating roofs, they uphold rigorous quality standards, with all roofs undergoing spot checks throughout production. With in-house manufacturing, Austops maintains full control over the process to ensure the final product meets their exacting standards.

Their T5 and T6 roofs undergo comprehensive TUV evaluation and approval, and all roofs are backed by a reassuring 5-year warranty.

Austops Roof Features

  • Aerodynamically shaped, there are no visible fastenings to the low profile, elegantly designed ribbed-patterned shell.

  • All framework is manufactured to ISO: 9001 standards by UK fabricators, laser cut and powder coated for uniformity and ease of fitment.

  • Built to last, high-tension powder coated gas springs, for both roof and bed struts.

  • Marine industry-tested synthetic canvas to ensure maximum water resistance.

  • Choice of canvas colour with options of front window zip opening or full panoramic scenic.

  • Free gel colour coding to match your roof to the colour of your van. 

  • The roof bed is simple, convenient, and light weight, just pull it down to add extra bed space to a camper or a top bunk for day van and when it’s not in use push it out of the way.

  • Optional upgrade to a deluxe pocket sprung roof bed for extra comfort. ​​

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6 SWB and LWB and SWB Ford Transit Custom.



Skyline, a UK-based manufacturer utilising exclusively UK-sourced materials, ensures their roofs are readily available for supply, outpacing other European imports. With over 12 years of development and manufacturing experience, their Skyline range is continuously advancing. Employing an innovative vacuum moulding technique, Skyline produces rigid roofs without the need for external fixings.

T-Spoke is proud to join the esteemed network of trained fitters, offering installation of Skyline roofs into our customers' vans. The T5/T6 Skyline roofs boast full TUV approval. Every roof is backed by a reassuring 5-year warranty covering parts and a 2-year warranty covering labour from the fitting date. At T-Spoke, we exclusively fit and include premium canvas as standard, prioritising superior quality and breathability. However, a variety of colours are available to choose from.

Skyline Aurora front loading lifting pop-top roof with ‘Top-notch’ canvas 

  • This is a streamlined lower profile roof, CAD designed to the body in one piece, with a shark fin wind deflector.

  • Benefiting from a latch-down key locking system, railed canvas application and larger scenic canvas in multiple colours, this roof is the first choice for many.

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6 SWB and LWB models.


Skyline Skylow front lifting pop-top roof with ‘Top-notch’ canvas

  • A stealth roof with one of the lowest profile pop-top roofs to the market from market leaders. Measuring just 25mm on top of the vehicle, the streamlined roof gives the impression there isn’t a roof at all.

  • This sleek design gives you the same headroom and sleeping accommodation without compromising the look and height of the van.

  • No interior headroom is lost, with both standard, bi-fold bed and cover panel options available.

  • The roof locks with the same compression latches used on the Aurora.

  • A shark fin wind deflector protects the roof from the elements.

  • The Skylow is available in gloss back, white or colour coded to match your van.

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6 SWB only. 

Skyline Skylow front lifting pop-top roof with ‘Top-notch’ canvas

  • A standard roof with cowl wind deflector and strap locking mechanism. 

  • These roofs are not TUV approved unlike Skyline T5/T6 roofs.

  • Available for SWB Ford Custom Transit only.



Reimo stands at the forefront of leisure outfitting in Europe, boasting over four decades of expertise in camper and motorhome conversions, as well as equipment and technology. Based in Germany, Reimo's extensive experience makes them specialists in all facets of conversion and vehicle accessories.

With the inception of the first Reimo elevating roof in 1980, they've since developed over 80 different models of elevating, high-top, and pop-up roofs. Reimo excels in Volkswagen Transporter conversions, offering the widest selection of furniture and conversion kits for Volkswagen vans.

All pop-top roof components are meticulously developed and manufactured at Reimo in accordance with current European and national standards. Their diverse range of roofs caters to various base vehicles and applications, each type-tested and TUV approved, and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Reimo Superflat Elevating Roof

  • An extremely low-profile roof, aerodynamic in shape for low wind noise and fuel economy. 

  • The single-skin roof shell has a high gloss exterior on the top side and a courser underside. 

  • Insulation and stability through a sandwich construction offer reinforcement for roof load up to 30kg.  Whilst the velour lining makes it aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Raising of the roof is simply operated, almost self-acting and has high reliability due to the gas pressured springs, helping to protect the tent bellows. 

  • Secure and reliable locking with 2 tension belts.

  • A large high scissor provides ample legroom in the foot-well of the bed. The new stainless steel comfort scissors offer up to 45cm of legroom.

  • Tent bellows can be opened with a zip (optional variant) so you can enjoy the view. Windows can be darkened, and mosquito nets provided (optional variant). All are 100% cotton and give good ventilation through windows which can be closed from inside the tent fabric. 

  • Optional double bed in the roof or luxury sleeping roof bed including a disc spring system.

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6 SWB and LWB models.

Reimo Easyfit V-Tech (strap version) Elevating Roof 

  • The V-Tech comes with all the features and quality of the Superflat, however is a more modern version.  It has a double shell roof and offers top and bottom sides in the high gloss GRP gelcoat.  This type of construction allows a high-strength elegant design, with an even higher quality finish. The smooth surface also makes it easier to clean.

  • Textile interior lining with foam lamination offers the best insulation, making it sound absorbing and moisture balancing for extra living comfort.

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6, SWB only.

Reimo Easyfit V-Tech (electric) Elevating Roof

  • Much like it is says, this variant has everything the standard V-Tech does, however it’s electric. It has electrical installation and locking, and a chain drive with stainless steel chain opens and closes the roof with a touch of a button. 

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6, SWB only. 

Reimo Easyfit V-Tech (electric) Elevating Roof

  • This variant has the same Reimo quality as the Superflat, however the only difference is this option has the GRP shell on the outer side of the roof only.

  • Available for Ford Transit Custom, SWB only.



SCA UK has been a premier supplier of elevating roofs for over 12 years, pioneering the import of SCA roofs from Germany to UK trade and retail customers. As one of the leading elevating roof manufacturers globally, SCA is renowned for its unparalleled quality and customer service.

These roofs are distinguished by their advanced engineering and superb quality. Crafted by accredited designers, they seamlessly complement the base vehicle, enhancing its value. In essence, they exceed even the most discerning expectations.

SCA 194 High Lift SWB T5/T6 Features

  • Completely new development and the use of the technically demanding vacuum expansion process for the production of the roof shell – an innovation in this product range – form the basis for the production of a sleeper roof with many advantages.

  • The high scissor lifts provide significantly more legroom and enable a sleeping position to be adopted with the head to the rear. The lift has been increased by 25 cm compared with the previous solution.

  • Included in the package is a pop-top wooden slatted bed. High-quality slats with an aluminium frame provide even more comfort when reclining and sleeping.

  • The roof has a higher lift at the rear for more headroom and extra struts for more stability. The curvature of the slats provides more headroom for rear-seat passengers when the bed is folded down and the roof is closed.

  • The locking mechanism is a reliable solution and is done with new Southco locks with integral safety bolts which enable the roof to be locked easily and securely.

  • The roof shell is manufactured using the sophisticated vacuum expansion process. This guarantees accurate and consistent wall thicknesses and enables the external surface of the roof shell to be smooth and non-profiled – an ideal prerequisite for direct attachment of thin solar films just a few millimetres thick without significantly increasing the overall height of the vehicle.

  • Available for Volkswagen T5/T6 SWB only

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