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Angled Overhead Speaker Pods

Angled Overhead Speaker Pods

Designed from a love of music and sound quality, we’ve engineered these overhead angled speaker pods to project music towards the front of your camper, so you can listen with clarity.


The pods house 165mm (6.5”) speakers and are mountable on any flat surface, offering a compact solution to maximise space. Not only do they look great, but they also fit with elevating roofs. Play your music and create an incredible listening environment.


Pods come unfinished for you to add your own covering, or pre-covered in Graphite premium interior carpeting. 


We can also supply speakers to fit the pods if needed. Choose from entry-level Hertz Dieci speakers, or upgrade to Hertz Energy system speakers. 


All options come with tech screws for fixing the unit to metal or wood. 

The kit consists of 2 units, each housing a 165mm (6.5") speaker.

You will need to ensure the speakers you choose are compatible with your existing head unit and appropriately wired in.


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